Friday, June 26, 2009

Open Letter of Recommendation

Blogger's note: In case you hadn't noticed, I like epigraphs. So, even though this entry doesn't really call for one, I'm including it. After all, it is very appropriate.

"Ooh, I'm da bomb like, tick.. tick..."
-Lil Wayne

To Whom it May Concern:

I am excited to have this opportunity to highly recommend the services of the BestDateEvar escort company. I was recently accompanied to a wedding by BestDateEvar's founding escort, Meta Physics, and can say from experience that this was, indeed, among the best dates I've ever had.

Before the date had even been scheduled, Mr. Physics's services were both timely and immensely helpful. I contacted BestDateEvar when I found out - last minute - that my originally scheduled wedding date had encountered transportation issues and was trapped in Albany, New York, unable to make it back to DeKalb, Illinois in time for the wedding. Nervous, I quickly sent a text message to Meta, asking if he would do me a favor and make the trip to DeKalb from BDE's headquarters in the northern Chicago suburbs. Within the hour he had called me back, assessed the situation, and agreed to be my date, free of charge. All of this occurred less than 24 hours prior to the wedding itself. This willingness to help out a friend in need on such short notice is one of the many convenient services offered by BDE. Other such services include (but are not limited to):
  • Pre-date wardrobe consultation
  • Included umbrella
  • Frequent trips to the bar
  • Extensive and fascinating conversation with myriad wedding guests
  • A variety of photo ops (see enclosed)
  • An in-car cooler stocked with food
  • Extra care in securing vegetarian meals
  • Dancing like you would not believe
It became immediately apparent to me that Mr. Physics took this "fun" stuff very seriously, and as such I fully recommend his services for anyone in need of a date and a good time.

Thank you for your consideration,


T.J. Hicks said...

Good to hear you got top notch service. I will have to consider this for my next special occasion.

Chris Carpenter said...

I can't help but notice that you haven't updated your blog in some time. Has nothing of interested occurred in the last month? Was July a total pit of boring nothingness?