Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Ideal Wedding

"I have a great blog idea! I'm going to write a blog about all the plans I've made for my ideal wedding.


- Brent Damsz (AKA: Meta Physics)

This was his response to the observation that I find myself out of touch with the general female population in that I have given almost no thought whatsoever to what my ideal wedding would be like - except, of course, that I would want a tiramisu wedding cake and that I want to walk down the aisle to Salt 'n Peppa's "Shoop," obviously. Am I strange? Perhaps. But it frees up a lot of mental space for other things that may or may not be more worth it. No telling either way, really.

It's not the most profound thing I've ever written, this blog. But, ironically, I think about the fact that I don't think about my own wedding a lot. How's that for some crazy, meta-, PoMo shit?


Rose said...

About 8 years ago, I had my ideal wedding planned out... perhaps I've told you about it, perhaps not; but I must say I've changed my mind about a lot of things since then. About my "ideal wedding," about my "ideal man," about weddings and men in general.

I enjoy your non-negotiable details, few as there are, in all their Marj-y glory.

Catherine said...

I'm going to stalk all of your posts because I am at radio and am bored. This will be my first comment of many in the next half hour or so, I'm sure.

I also have no wedding plans. No real ones, at least. I have this grand idea of having Little People waiters at the reception. Little people serving little food, what can be better?

That's kind of a lie. I have vague "plans", like how a large, fancy, grandiose ceremony seems silly and that making sure everyone dances a lot seems fun.

It'll probably make real wedding planning, if/when it occurs, much less stressful since folk like us don't have preconceived notions to contend with and cry about when our dreams can't be realized.