Monday, June 8, 2009

I wrote a poem.

Get it Write! or: Why Knowing When To Break “The Rules” is As Important As Knowing “The Rules” in the First Place.

“Watch the word wrap.”
Punctuate the gap
between lines with hard returns,
and don’t capitalize your concerns.
Language is not like a metaphor.
Language is metaphor.
So make your choices better for
your Audience. They need your help.

Writing awkwardly, don’t let modifiers dangle
with descriptions in a tangle,
unless your angle is to amplify
the two-ply purpose that words
Create and debate.
Reflect and reinforce.
Question and quest
for the right word.

The written word is a tool
with rules.
But grammar serves to deter the
aversion that humans have
to understanding each other.
So, brother,
can you spare me
a dynamic verb?
a direct object?
Can you spare me the diatribe?
Saying, “prepositional phrases belong
in the beginning.”
Our heads are spinning,
because it’s not about winning.
It’s about the right word.

Agreements require compromise, so
subject-verb agreement is subjective.
It’s not reflective of intelligence
or hard work.
Language has transience,
So I smirk at teachers irked
by non-traditional syntax.
Because what you say has impact
whether you speak well,
or not.

And while teens learn that
the Future Perfect Progressive
conjugation of a verb leaves it unfinished,
I will have been searching for the right word.
So curb the work and write a blurb about
some future, perfect, and progressive
Some speaker whose words seek
to reach beyond the flattery,
and the socially constructed pattern
that our language helps to maintain.
Speak plain and rephrase the refrain
because the right word,
the write word,
the written word,
can organize a revolution,
can sustain a movement,
can create a constitution.
And in order to form a more perfect world,
we must be willing to change it.


G. Allen Russell said...

wellllll done, this was. :-)

Rose said...

I freaking love it. 1. :)

Mary said...